NRI Services

Disclaimer: “Disclaimer: “US Banking Regulations do not allow Bank of Baroda, US Operations, to open, close or operate Non-Resident Indian (NRI) accounts, which are offered by our parent company’s branches in India. These accounts are not covered by FDIC Insurance and are not supervised by any US Banking Regulators since these accounts are domiciled in India. As a service to our parent company’s customers or prospective customers, we have appended the information and links. This information is provided as general guidance and is neither solicitation for business, investment advice nor tax advice. Customers and prospects, who are permanent US residence, should consider seeking professional advice before opening or operating an NRI account.

US Tax law requires income from all sources, including that earned from foreign accounts, to be reported in the annual tax return. US Treasury Department rules require certain accounts at foreign financial institutions which are controlled by US taxpayers to be reported annually. Advice should be sought from your professional advisor for further clarification.

Accounts for NRI in India:

There are different types of accounts; a NRI can open in India. Account may be maintained in Indian Rupees as well as in designated Foreign Currency. Further, the accounts may be in Savings type or fixed type of accounts. For detailed features of different type of accounts, you may visit our home website

How to open an account in India?
ATTESTATION may be obtained from any one of the following:

For FREE remittance of funds in to your NRI account with our branches in India, you may contact our branch.